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Dry Fruits Box for Packaging


Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Pcs
Material: Silk Fabric & MDF
Size: 5×5 Inch
Color: Assorted (This Product will be in assorted colours as per availability)
Customized: Yes
Dispatch Time: 12 to 15 Business Days
Country of Origin: India

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A dry fruits box for packaging, also known as a dry fruits gift box or dry fruits hamper, is a decorative container or package filled with a variety of dried fruits. These boxes are commonly used as gifts during special occasions and festivals or as a thoughtful gesture to express appreciation or gratitude. They offer a healthy and delicious assortment of dried fruits, making them a popular choice for gifting purposes.

The contents of a dry fruits box can vary depending on personal preferences and regional availability of fruits. However, some common dried fruits that are often included are:

    1. Raisins: Dried grapes with a sweet and slightly tangy flavor. They can be either dark or golden in color.
    2. Dates: Sweet and chewy, dates are rich in natural sugars and are a good source of energy.
    3. Apricots: Dried apricots are sweet and have a soft texture. They are rich in vitamins and minerals.
    4. Almonds: Often included in the mix, almonds are crunchy, nutritious, and packed with healthy fats.
    5. Cashews: Another popular nut found in dry fruits boxes, cashews have a creamy texture and mild flavor.
    6. Pistachios: These green nuts add a colorful and flavorful element to the assortment.


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